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Vil du mere om Henna ? Her har du brugsanvisninger og farvekort på dansk

There is an English guideinstruction: HOW TO WORK WITH NATURAL HENNA 



First of all you need time enough !

We recommend you have the following ready:

A comb, oneway gloves, bathing hood, or a towel, a bowl, hairdryer.

Henna powder enough for your lenght of hair (Longhair approx 150-200g),

A MacUrth hair-conditioner, some lemon juice. Bottled water.

1: Pour the henna powder into a bowl.

Slowly add liquid while stirring.

Stir unil it gets yougurth-like. You might want to add

a little conditioner to help consistency.

Make sure there are no lumps Leave the mixture overnight

8-10 hours minimum. Wrap some cloth over the bowl.

2: Open the next day and stir a little bit again.

Always make a small colour test on a piece of cloth to view the colour beforehand.!

Moist your hair a bit. Divide your hair into sections and apply your mixture to your hair.It makes it easier to distribute if you use a small brush.

Begin at the top of your head and then move outwards from there

After finishing applying wash your hair with a MacUrth natural conditioner.

Leave all your hair under your towel or bathing hood to keep warmth and to let it work for the next 50min..You could also chose to dry with a hairdryer.

3: finally use a conditioner 4-5 min then water it out again.

The conditioner makes it easyer to comb and style your hair afterwards.

The colour will darken further during the next 2-3 days.

The colour will slowly fade during the next 4-6 weeks.

You can search the internet for results and pics from many hundreds of users

during many years. Just write mac urth henna search..

MacUrth has been marketing natural hennas since 1971.

However natural hennas have been used for 1000’s of years allover the words.

MacUrth carries Blonde, Red, Flamered, Mahogany, Brown, Chestnut

and Black (indigo) in the assortment

We hope this info is helpful 

Good luck with your natural haircolouring.

Kind regards